Asteria Lending

Product Design Consultant
2020 - 2020

I was hired by Asteria through Toptal - an exclusive freelancer platform that vets and clears the top 3% of design and development talent globally.

Asteria was already in the process of revamping their web portal but with more than 9/10 smartphones in the Philippines running on Android, they hired me to design their Android app to ensure a streamlined experience.

User Flows

There was a lot of upfront requirements gathering and working with the Asteria team to understand the current functionality of the web app and how the core use cases could be ported over to mobile.

One of the goals of the mobile app for Asteria was to create a mobile-first loan application. Having worked on complex assessments in the past, I was able to simplify and streamline the process.


After getting sign-off and alignment on the user flows, I was able to jump into wireframing and creating lo-fi prototypes in Figma to present to the client.

This was an invaluable part of the process as the client was quickly able to provide feedback and for me to build my understanding of their core flows before jumping into more polished mock-ups.

Design System

This is a peak at the design system created for the visual design of the Asteria Android app.

I also created a component library based on Material Design for elements like modals, dialogues, and selectors.


These are a few of the initial onboarding screens for the user to get an idea about what the company offers and how to sign-up or sign-in.

I chose to go with a vertical scroll for the onboarding screen because it felt less cumbersome then paging through several screens for the same information.

The loan calculator was also baked into the sign-up flow as it helps anchor customer's expectations around rates and payback schedules.

Loan Application

Rather than going with a long and multi-tiered loan application on a single page or even a few pages, I broke up the process so that the user only had to focus on one section per page.

The intention was to reduce a user's cognitive load while also providing them with a sense of accomplishment with each question answered through the progress bar.

Core Screens

The Dashboard and the My Loan pages make up the core screens once a user has applied for a loan. Both had several states and edge cases to account for.

The former provides users with pertinent updates as to where they stand in the loan application processes with CTA's pertaining to additional information required, while the My Loan is where a user goes to manage any active loans.

Secondary Screens

The following are a few of the secondary screens for the Asteria Lending Android app.

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