Founder | Designer | PM
2021 - Present

QueryCat was my first attempt to scratch my own itch and to ship a product. While moonlighting as a novelist that got a literary agent and a book coming out, I realized there were several pain points I experienced as an aspiring writer that could be solved with better tooling. Researching and pitching literary agents was one of them.

Easy on the Eyes

With so many literary agency websites and my closest competitor having websites that harken back to web 1.0, I knew I wanted to create a design system that would make the UI welcoming, modern, and friendly.

Agent Profile Pages

Though there’s a number of literary agents directory, none of the ones I found compiled “all” the information necessary for a writer to determine if they’re worth pitching. In order to save writers the hassle of going to multiple websites, I created a profile page that consolidated the most important information.

Search Page

To make it easy for writers to sift through the 1,600+ agents in the database, each agent is tagged with the genre they represent as well as other tags that make it easy for writers to filter the  list, including which agent is currently open to submissions, the agent’s location and more.

Sign Up Pages

To optimize conversion from the landing page, I designed a sign up flow that utilized a company mascot named “Earnie” and friendly UX copy.

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