Product Design Lead
2016 - 2017

Roadmunk was a two-year old start-up when it hired me as it's first full-time Product Designer.

I worked with the CEO, CTO, and Head of Product to introduce design as a discipline at the company, overhaul the product, and build out a small but mighty design team.

Cleaning House

There were many inconsistencies across the application due to arbitrary and on-the-fly design decisions made by leadership or engineers which required cleaning up. This is an example of several different dialogue boxes with different color schemes narrowed down to a single clean version.

A New Home

One of the first major features I worked on was introducing a new home screen to make it easier for Roadmunk users to navigate their roadmaps and easily discern which roadmaps were theirs and which they were shared on as collaborators. Prior to this, users navigated their entire company's roadmaps in the top bar in the core tool.


Marketing had a hunch and customer support chimed in to echo that users were often unclear about the full-extent to which they could utilize Roadmunk to align different departments within their organization.

I worked with Marketing, who had created a multitude of templates to showcase how Roadmunk could be confirgured and built a workflow into the home screen whereby users could select a template, preview it, and choose to make it their own.

The 'All Data' Table

This was arguably my biggest contribution to Roadmunk as it required a severe rewrite of the backend architecture and was expensive from an engingeering perspective.

In short, in the version of the tool I'd inherited views consisted of a table view, swimlane view, and a timeline view that existed on a horizontal plane. A user might navigate to one view inside a roadmap and then to another and realize that filters, labels, and even items wouldn't match one-to-one.

The solution entailed introducing an "All Data" table for a Roadmap from which all views (redefined as consisting of a visualization - either swimlane or timeline - paired with a table) were derived.

Redefining Views

This is an example of what the new "views" inside Roadmunk looked like. They consisted of a "items table" that mapped to a visualzation (timeline or swimlane) that a users could easily navigate back and forth from.

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