An iOS game released under the Tiny Hearts banner as the product studio's first foray in the mobile gaming space.


How Might We Take a Tried-and-Tested Game Mechanic and Make Something New?

As a product studio, Tiny Hearts had been become known for making delightful, simple, and useful mobile apps in the health and productivity space.

We knew we always wanted to get into the gaming space so this was an experiment the studio ran to test the waters. A small team composed of me and a game developer paired up and we went to work on creating EmojiParty.

The basic premise of the game was taking emoji combinations that represented popular categories and have the main player place the device on their head while other players gave clues and had them guess what the image represented. The primary player could use gestures to indicate if he guess correctly, guessed wrong, or wanted to skip ahead.

Role & Duration

Lead Designer

UX Design, UI Design, Game Design & Product Management

Team 1 Designer and 1 Developer

2016 - 2016

What We Built

Bite-Sized Fun.

Pick a category, press play and place the phone on your head. Flip up for every correct answer and flip down for every wrong one.

Making It Pop.

We knew we wanted the game to resonate with a younger audience so I went through an extensive prototyping phase to make sure we got just the right color palate, typography, and layout mix.

Designing for tvOS.

As a product studio with a long-standing relationship with Apple, Tiny Hearts was given early access to Apple's tvOS and an opportunity to get our suite of apps on the new platform. This meant learning the ins and outs of the new design system and paradigms Apple had just released.



There's so much untapped potential in all the different ways we can interact with our devices. This game was an exciting opportunity to explore how both our phone and TVs can be used for more than passive content consumption.

Instead, they can be used to bring people together, make them laugh, and of course bring together all of their favourite emojis combinations in a gesture-based game for hours of fun.


Game shipped to iOS and tvOS

EmojiParty featured as an "App of the Week" by Apple's editorial team upon launch

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