The "Instagram of Fitness" is a positive community for health and fitness offering its users workouts, photo sharing, along with several other tools to build a healthy lifestyle.


How Might We Make It Easier for PumpUp Users to Navigate and Get More Out of the App? 

PumpUp had amassed millions of users and built tons of useful tools for them to build healthy lifestyles. The problem? The users couldn't figure out where most of those features lived.

Inspired by Snapchat, the company had gone with swipe-based navigation structure that required the user to keep track of where various features lived. They were also interested in exploring and experimenting with offering personal training coaches through the application.


Lead Designer

Research, Design Sprint Facilitation, Prototyping, UI Design, Usability Testing

Team of 2 Product Designers

What We Built

Intuitive Navigation.

From a swipe-based Snapchat like navigation to more conventional tabbed navigation, we helped make all of PumpUps features feel the love.

Coaching Onboarding.

To help users find a coach that best met their needs, we designed a simple onboarding flow to gather required data that the PumpUp development team could use to serve up the best Coach matches.



User interviews and usability testings were critical in uncovering what PumpUp users valued most in the application and in designing any of the new features.

As a designer, it's critical to realize that mental models of how applications are used vary based on any number of variables. Assumptions really do make an a** out of "u" and "me" and when rolling out anything new, validation is a must.


Updated navigation for improved UX and usability.

Coaching feature designed and deployed as an experiment by the company to generate an additional revenue stream.

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