An iOS, Android, and Responsive Web app that serves up real world stories of real people and how they found their calling.


How might we break common career myths and connect students with real people?

The Learning Partnership (TLP), a Canadian charity that prepares students to thrive in a diverse, connected and changing world, had done research that uncovered most students turn to peers, parents, and teachers for career guidance. But what if those sources aren't well-attuned to the changing world of work?

As a member of the Tiny Hearts, a product studio, I led design for this project and led discovery workshops, prototyped several directions, and drove stakeholder alignment around building an app around real-world stories. We wanted to build an app that simulated being able to go for coffee with hundreds of working professionals and get B.S.-free input on how to navigate the world of work. The end result was RealTalk.

Role & Duration

Product Design Lead

Research, Product Strategy, Facilitation, Prototyping, UX Design, UI Design

Team of 1 PM, 1 Product Designer, 1 Brand Designer & 3 Developers

2015 - 2016

Behind the Scenes
Fig. 1.0 - Discovery workshop with high school students.
Figure 2.0 - Wireframes
Figure 3.0 - Chat UI Concept (Before It Was Cool)
What We Built

A Cross-Platform Experience.

Prior to a new Home, navigating various roadmaps was done through a cumbersome dropdown that took up precious real-estate on the top nav inside the tool.

The Feed

We leveraged engaging hero-images for each story to drive engagement on the main home feed in order to immerse users in the browsing experience.

Archetype Filters

We wanted to make it easy for search and discover the most relevant profiles for them with no more than two taps.

Bookmarks and Resources

We created this section help students bookmark profiles and save resources as a checklist to explore later.



This project required a great deal of educating stakeholders unfamiliar with the design and development process of digital products and doing a lot of hand-holding to help them understand why certain decisions were made.

We had several committees that were consulted during the initial discovery and define phase of the project, including one made up of students, experts in the career space, as well as the nonprofit board funding the project.

Overall, it was very satisfying to create something that has the potential to change the life trajectory for even a single individual. Finding a career that resonates with one's purpose is hard, hopefully this app made it easier.


RealTalk featured under "Best of Education Apps" in the Apple AppStore

Over 50,000+ Downloads

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