A revolutionary roadmapping tool that makes it easy for Product Managers to share and visualize their product strategy.


How Might We Help Users Better Understand the Relationship Between their Data and Visualizations?

As the start-up's first full-time design hire, I was brought on to overhaul core UX functionality. Specifically around how users navigated their roadmaps and how the data structures functioned within a roadmap.

With leading brands like Amazon, Slack, and Nike using the tool, it was imperative to make it easy for anyone to sign-up and get value out of the tool immediately.

Role & Duration

Product Design Lead

Research, Product Strategy, Facilitation, Prototyping, UX Design, UI Design, Design Leadership

Team of 2 PMs, 3 Product Designers & 20+ Developers

Nov. 2016 - Aug. 2017

Behind the Scenes
Fig. 1.0 - Roadmunk version I inherited as company's first full-time designer.
Figure 2.0 - Collaborating with Support Team to build personas.
Figure 3.0 - Whiteboard problem-solving.
Fig. 4.0 - Sketch outlining proposed architecture overhaul.
What We Built

A New Home.

Prior to a new Home, navigating various roadmaps was done through a cumbersome dropdown that took up precious real-estate on the top nav inside the tool.

All Data, A Single Source of Truth

Before the introduction of an all data view, roadmaps were constructed such that tables, swimlanes, and timelines existed independent of one another, making it difficult to keep track of which dataset was most up-to-date.



Once a start-up hits product/market fit, it's critical to transition to a more sustainable approach to building out additional features.

"Move fast and break things" is great early on but results in well a lot of broken components at the end of the day. Coming in and helping clean things up was painstaking but the impact made it worthwhile.

Even more difficult is finding and hiring the right people to join the team. With it comes the responsibility of deciding what skill mix to hire for, what the hiring process looks like, how to ensure successful onboarding and of course how to keep them happy in order to retain.

As my first merry-go-around in this realm, I took a way a lot of important lessons that I know will serve me well going forward.


Introduced design processes and tools to aid internal decision-making.

Released a new Home page for users to navigate all their roadmaps.

Released a new data architecture for creating and visualizing roadmaps.

Created hiring process and built a small design team from scratch.

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I helped a nonprofit dedicated to helping students navigate their career options design a cross-platform app that connected them with B.S.-free advice from hundreds of working professionals in diverse fields.

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