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How Might We Make It Easer for Users to Sign-Up on their Mobile Devices?

Signing up for an investing account online is no walk in the park. It requires filling out several form fields. On desktop when you're sitting at home or work, it's manageable.

But on a mobile device, having to fill out a form that scrolls on and on is daunting at best, and something users would rather keep away from with a ten-foot poll.

I led a small team at Tiny Hearts to run a design sprint that helped Wealthsimple reimagine and explore a new onboarding experience for their mobile users.

Role & Duration

Product Design Lead

Research, Product Strategy, Facilitation, Prototyping, UX Design, UI Design

Team of 1 PM, 2 Product Designers

2016 - 2016

What We Built

Value Up Front

We swapped photographs with illustrations in the tutorial to make the text easier to digest. We also added the ability to calculate savings associated with signing-up for Wealthsimple.

Visualizing Success

After learning about the company and filling in a risk assessment survey, we gave users the ability to visualize how much they had to gain with the right plan in place.    

Form Factor

One of the most daunting features of the old sign-up was a form that would go on forever. We changed that by switching to one input field per screen and adding a progress indicator.  



Filling out forms on mobile suck but they don't have to with the right attention paid to small things like cognitive load, pacing, and feedback.

It's impossible to predict any number of contexts a user may be signing up for an account and so making it as frictionless a process is a must. Usability testing helped lead to validating core assumptions and making leaps of insights that ultimately led to a winning design.


Proposed mobile onboarding A/B tested and led to double-digit increase in percentage of sign-ups.

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